Australia's most prestigious awards program for wine and beverage lists, established 1994.

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Wine Australia is pleased to support Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards, which recognises the commitment of Australian sommeliers to support local winemakers, showcase the premium quality and diversity of Australian wines and share the stories that make our wines unique.




Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards

Tucker Seabrook established Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards in 1994 to recognise and reward the enormous investment by owners in time, skill and resources that go into developing the best quality wine lists and to also recognise and reward the dedicated and talented sommeliers creating those lists for Australia’s restaurants, hotels, clubs, wine bars, pubs, cafes and brasseries – large and small.

Now the premier national awards for wine lists these prestigious awards have been instrumental in significantly lifting the standard of Australia’s Wine Lists over the last two decades – to quote the Chairman of Judges for the first 10 years of the Awards – Huon Hooke, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the launch of the Awards in 1994 that – “Standards have improved out of sight since the first Awards 20 years ago”, and each year the bar keeps rising.

In addition, these awards have also been influential in raising the public’s interest in fine wine generally, and have improved their appreciation of the participating establishments

The awards:

  • Give recognition for the resources, skill and investment that goes into creating and maintaining quality lists for Australia’s on-premise venues
  • Promote the growth of premium beverage representation and consumption
  • Inspire service professionals to improve their standards and knowledge
  • Raise the bar on the level of service and knowledge that Australian sommeliers provide, creating a greater food and wine experience for the consumer
  • Have been influential in raising the public’s interest in fine wine generally, and improved their appreciation of participating establishments
2018 Winner

Aria Brisbane

A beautifully constructed, refined wine-list showing the deep understanding that sommelier Ian Trinkle has of the wine industry. It's a distinguished list, showcasing top wines from Australia, as well as the world beyond. Its clarity and seamless nature make perusal of its pages a dream, and despite listing over 1000 wines, it is inviting, rather than overwhelming. There are multiple vintages of classic labels, the inclusion of many local Granite Belt wines, a host of reds from the Jura and southern France, and an extensive collection of alternate varietals. The listings from Burgundy and the Rhone Valley are impressive.


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Long term AWLOTYA official Consumer Media Partner, Gourmet Traveller WINE has continued to be Australia’s leading and most authoritative wine magazine for 20 years, and is read by over 99,000 people who enjoy celebrating both the local and international wine scenes. The magazine’s team of contributors is second to none with many participating in the judging of the Awards. This year, Gourmet Traveller WINE will again promote the Awards in the magazine as well as on all of its digital platforms

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The drinks association is the AWLOTYA’s official Trade Communications Partner. It’s Australia’s leading membership body providing services and information to the drinks industry, with a well-respected portfolio of trade publications targeting an extensive cross-section of the on-premise drinks community in excess of 13,000 restaurants, clubs, pubs, hotels, resorts, bars and wine bars.

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