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5 Golden Rules of Wine Storage: Vintec

28 Mar 2018

Why Wine should not be stored in the Fridge with the Cheese and Crackers


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Reasons Why Wine should not be stored in the Fridge with the Cheese and Crackers

When we visited Vintec our 2018 Event partners at their Sydney Electrolux showroom we were amazed to see their Aladdin’s cave of wine cabinets. From the small and perfectly formed ‘wine bar’ that holds up to 50 bottles, with one temperature zone, to the magnificent walk in cabinets with multiple temperature zones for cellaring and serving -that can be configured to hold 600 to 4,000 bottles. These cabinets are all designed to recreate the exact conditions of an underground cellar, allowing for the optimum aging and serving of wine. We asked, Thibaut Caumont Vintec Marketing Manager to share the golden rules that lie behind the functionality of Vintec ‘caves’.  What makes them must haves for restaurants and wine collectors?

  1. Temperature fluctuations are the death of wine! Vintec cabinets maintain a stable temperature with insulated side panels, double/triple glazed doors and interaction between a compressor and thermostat).
  2. Given some wines have cork closures – it is imperative to have 50% humidity (the cabinets have Thermal Recycling Pumps which heat condensed water to retain humidity inside the space) Normal fridges are dry environments which allow corks to shrink, allowing oxidising air into the bottle.
  3. UV light creates hydrogen sulphide compounds in wine, affecting tannins and colour. So Vintec created dark storage inside their cabinets to protect wine from damaging light with UV-treated tinted  glass doors and dimmed LED lights.
  4. Who knew imperceptible vibrations could prematurely deteriorate wine, speeding up chemical reactions and aging? Vintec and Transtherm equip their cabinets with externally-housed compressor, rubber shock absorbers and vibration absorbing wooden shelves.
  5. It’s important to have slow, even air flow to prevent a stale or mouldy environment in wine storage, hence Vintec’s internal and external fans which provide slow reticulated air circulation. Large models have carbon filter to prevent any odours penetrating from outside.

If you would like to know more about the world of wine cabinets Thibaut is your man. You can find him here: | +61 481 180 115 |


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