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Sydney's iconic Bennelong restaurant has won Best Listing of Australian Wines

01 Dec 2020

Bennelong has taken home Best Listing of Australian Wines at the 2020 Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards.

Bennelong, Sydney NSW


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Located in the iconic Sydney Opera House, it is fitting that Bennelong won Best Listing of Australian Wines at the 2020 Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards;

  1. Best Listing of Australian Wines  – sponsored by St Hugo, this award places local wines in an international context; showcasing our finest varietals, varietal blends; single site, regional and multi-regional blends; highlighting our finest young wines as well as offering more mature vintages to show how well these can age as well as presenting wines that offer excellent value for money at a range of prices.


Judges comments:

A bold and distinct wine list with a near entire focus on Australian wine, a treatise to local product in Australia’s most recognised architectural monument. The ambition could have faltered, but hasn’t, this is a near encyclopaedic collection of Aussie wine with judicious inclusions of mature releases, vertical tranches of prestige wines, a good selection of zeitgeist wine styles and avant garde producers, alongside boutique offerings from some of Australia’s hardest-to-source artisan vignerons. You could quibble that Champagne is the permitted non-Australian interloper, but wow, that section is so impressive it’s almost a conversation in itself. By the glass does justice to the rest of this outstanding wine list with diversity and interest in the general listings and it all elevates with rarities, prestige wines and mature releases in the Coravin ‘premium’ selection. The pay off is realised here, a vision splendid and dedicated. This is so very impressive.

Bennelong overview:

Cuisine: Australian

Sommelier/s: Seamus Brandt

Number of Wines: 500

Wines by the Glass: 46

Wine Price: $$$

Address: Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 9240 8000


Award sponsor:
St Hugo: St Hugo is one of Australia’s most sought after wine labels and has accumulated more than 30 trophies, testifying to its high quality and impeccably stylish red wines led by Cabernet Sauvignon.


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