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The Newcastle Club has won Best Listing of NSW Wines

01 Dec 2020

The Newcastle Club in Newcastle, NSW has won Best Listing of NSW Wines for the second year in a row at the 2020 Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards.

The Newcastle Club, Newcastle, NSW


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Located in the heart of Newcastle CBD, the Newcastle Club is one of the oldest and most established private Clubs in Australia. This unique environment is a setting for members to relax, meet and socialise and a place to grow friendships and foster relationships among like-minded people.

Similar to the Best Listing of Australian wines, the Best Listing of NSW Wines award recognises the wines from regions of New South Wales and is proudly sponsored by The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society. 


Judges comments:

The wine list at The Newcastle Club is exactly as one would expect it to be: impressive. It is a large list, but it manages to feel concise, turning our attention to Australian wines, and especially those from NSW. There is a comprehensive collection of NSW wines in fact. The list extends its hand to welcome wines from some of the greatest regions on earth: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Napa and more. At every corner and every turn, the wine selection is traditional, ticking off the ‘greats’, and the ‘reliables’, but just when you assume you know what is coming, there is a lick of modern brilliance. A wine included that highlights the passion and interest of the sommelier. This is no regular club list. It is brilliant. The selection of spirits, beers, and drinks other than wine are also as you would expect – extensively and abundantly available.

The Newcastle Club overview:

Cuisine: Modern Australian

Sommelier/s: Matt Underwood

Number of Wines: 607

Wines by the Glass: 17

Wine Price: $-$$$

Address: 40 Newcomen Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

Phone: 02 4929 1224


Award Sponsor: 
The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society: Australia’s first and largest wine community for women! It’s absolutely FREE to join. You’ll find wine information, fabulous wine suggestions from our favourite producers, and events for women who love wine – and for women who simply want to learn more about the fabulous world of wine.


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