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The Boathouse in Barton, ACT wins two awards at Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards

01 Dec 2020

The Boathouse won Best Listing of a Region's Wines and Best Listing of ACT Wines at the 2020 Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards.

The Boathouse, Barton, ACT


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The Boathouse in Barton, ACTThe Boathouse in Barton, ACT were the worthy recipients of two awards at the 2020 Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards;

  1. Best Listing of a Single Region’s Wines  – sponsored by Flowstone Wines, there is interest, like never before, in regionality. Much work has been done over the past decade to define and market the distinctive wine styles from particular wine regions, both Australian and international. Here the judges are looking for wine lists, or sections of wine lists, that provide a comprehensive insight into a wine region. The classiest regional lists will focus predominantly on the varieties that the region does best and will offer some of the finest vintages.
  2. Best Listing of ACT Wines – this award recognises the wines from regions of the Australian Capital Territory.

Judges comments:

The Boathouse, with it’s modern design and impressive lakeside setting, delivers an equally well-executed wine list. The highlight is Kate Hibberson’s emphasis on local makers, which is both fitting and encouraging to see, with mini-verticals of Helm, Mount Madjura and Clonakilla. Beyond that, the list is built around small, quality-driven producers from shores near and far, and some bigger and bolder Australian benchmark bottles so as not to alienate old school tastes. A sophisticated cocktail program, tidy selection of Australian craft beers, and vermouths and malts offer diversity. Altogether, this is an imaginative and thoughtfully composed wine program.

The Boathouse overview:

Cuisine: Modern Australian

Sommelier/s: Kate Hibberson

Number of Wines: 205

Wines by the Glass: 19

Wine Price: $

Address: Menindee Drive, Barton NSW 2600

Phone: 02 6273 5500


Award sponsors:
Flowstone Wines: Flowstone is a tiny little grape-grower and winemaker just south of the Margaret River township, in the beautiful Forest Grove area. We are committed to growing and making wines that represent the region and vineyard site, and wines that tell our story.


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