Best Wine Lists Venue Type 2019

Here are the winning wine lists around the country for different venue types. See the winners for categories including Best City Restaurant Wine List, Best Country Restaurant Wine List, Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List, Best Pub Restaurant Wine List, Best Club Restaurant Wine List and Best Wine Bar Wine List.


Vaporetto - Hawthorn VIC

Best Wine Lists Venue Type 2019

Best City Restaurant Wine List

Best City Restaurant Wine List pic
est, Sydney drink-glass

Best City Restaurant Wine List 2019

  • Cuisine: Contemporary Australian
  • Sommelier: Bhatia Dheeraj
  • Number of Wines: 1526
  • Wines by the Glass: 46
  • Wine Price: $$$
A mouth-watering and complete wine list with something for everyone, from the expert to the enthusiast. From a diverse and enticing wine by the glass list through to extensive vintage offerings of some of the absolute classic wines from both Australia and overseas. Virtually every country and wine style is represented so if you are curious to try something different, here is your opportunity.

Best Country Restaurant Wine List

Best Country Restaurant Wine List pic
Barn Steakhouse (The), Mount Gambier drink-glass

Best Country Restaurant Wine List 2019

  • Cuisine: Steak
  • Sommelier: Kent Comley
  • Number of Wines: 718
  • Wines by the Glass: 23
  • Wine Price: $$$
What a treat for the people of Mt. Gambier and for those fortunate enough to stop over for a night or two and enjoy the many, many vinous charms of The Barn. The list is a personal expression on behalf of the owner/sommelier and celebrates the local wines of nearby regions including Coonawarra, Mt. Gambier and the Limestone Coast while also having the bigger picture in mind.

Best Wine Bar Wine List

SPONSORED BY Highbank Wines
Best Wine Bar Wine List pic
Dear Sainte Éloise, Potts Point drink-glass

Best Wine Bar Wine List 2019

  • Cuisine: Australian
  • Sommelier: Matt Swieboda
  • Number of Wines: 518
  • Wines by the Glass: 28
  • Wine Price: $$
Dear Sainte Éloise, you have crafted a truly wonderful, comprehensive and adventurous wine list with carefully chosen wines from a wide range of both classic and well established producers, wine regions and wine styles. The wine style descriptions and explanations give the list personality and readability and it is really worth taking the time to pore over this list. There is a keen eye on the new and emerging styles and the re-newed and re-emerging styles with plenty of examples of orange and yellow wines, Rose, Petillant Naturel, the Jura and Georgia to name a few plus a nice array of affordable, quality wine by the glass.

Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List

Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List pic
Berts, Newport drink-glass

Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List 2019

  • Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • Sommelier: Andres Aragon / Adrian Filiuta MS / Franck Moreau MS
  • Number of Wines: 1200
  • Wines by the Glass: 38
  • Wine Price: $$$
Bert's regulars will have noticed more offerings on the wine list of late as the number tops 1200. Decision-making just got a whole lot harder! To start with an excellent aged wine available under Coravin, or a bottle of Grower Champagne, maybe Laherte Freres Blanc De Blancs? From there the choices are largely divided between Australia, France and Italy (but not exclusively), and all strong whether it's rose, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon or Nebbiolo. Possibly the most drool-worthy category is Shiraz/Syrah with Australian benchmarks the star. Iconic Aus Shiraz with multiple vintages from the likes of Wendouree, Yalumba, Penfolds, Henschke will test the credit card but it will be worth it.

Best Club Restaurant Wine List

Best Club Restaurant Wine List pic
Newcastle Club (The), Newcastle drink-glass

Best Club Restaurant Wine List 2019

  • Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • Sommelier: Matt Underwood
  • Number of Wines: 587
  • Wines by the Glass: 18
  • Wine Price: $$$
Back to back wins as Australia's Best Club List suggests that the Newcastle Club is on fire. It is. There is an admirable focus on the local wines of the Hunter Valley, and New South Wales while at the same time offering those wines in balance with outstanding examples of wines from other parts of Australia and overseas. The key is careful selection: wide-ranging and precise.

Best Pub Restaurant Wine List

SPONSORED BY Chain of Ponds
Best Pub Restaurant Wine List pic
Mayfair Lane Pub & Dining Room, West Perth drink-glass

Best Pub Restaurant Wine List 2019

  • Cuisine: Gastro Pub
  • Sommelier: Foni Pollitt
  • Number of Wines: 330
  • Wines by the Glass: 50
  • Wine Price: $$
A very diverse and lengthy wine list that seems to cover just about all possible bases. There's a special interest in wines from vineyards with volcanic soils; an interesting and unique twist that's possibly totally original in Australia. Classic, premium wine brands of Australia are the foundation stone of this wine list, and, indeed, there is a neat collection of matured examples also found in these pages. Western Australia is keenly and deeply supported with a mix of big names like Leeuwin, Cullen and Deep Woods, though you'll also find emerging wine producers LAS Vino, Wines Of Merritt and Express Winemakers. Drinks director and co-owner of Mayfair, Foni Pollitt, has a broad palate and a distinct flair for putting together an enticing list. Pollitt has also quietly amassed one of the more interesting Italian wine collections in Western Australia, and proudly focuses on the countries best regions and wine styles. Mayfair Lane is evidently an exciting place to drink wine.

Best Wine Lists State or Territory Winners 2019

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia

Best Wine Lists Category Winners 2019

  • Best City Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Country Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Pub Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Club Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Wine Bar Wine List

Hall of Fame 2019

The Hall of Fame is a prestigious list of establishments who have achieved leading status either by winning the Main Award or the same State/Territory or Category award three times. Each year, new successful establishments are added to Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards Hall of Fame. To maintain a current listing however, they must enter and maintain their glass rating each year, which is no easy feat!

Glass Ratings 2019

The key objective of the awards is to recognise and reward exceptional sommeliers, their wine lists and the owners who have invested in them. Each entering venue is awarded 3, 2, or 1 glasses based on their wine list submission. Judges submit their scores based on the guiding principles of appraisal. AWLOTYA allocates glasses with the utmost integrity, albeit in acknowledgement that all reviews are subjective.

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