Best Wine Lists State or Territory 2023

The top wine lists in each State / Territory are Cirrus (NSW), Gimlet at Cavendish House (VIC), Peppina (TAS), Italian & Sons (ACT), Restaurant Botanic (SA), The Shorehouse (WA) and Agnes (QLD).


Il Lido - Cottesloe WA

Best Wine Lists State or Territory 2023

Best Wine List Western Australia

Best Wine List Western Australia pic
The Shorehouse, Swanbourne drink-glass

Best Wine List Western Australia 2023

  • Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • Sommelier: Nina Throsby, Aaron Commins & Alexander King
  • Number of Wines: 750
  • Wines by the Glass: 36
  • Wine Price by the Glass: $
It's not just the addition of about 150 wines to the list in the past year but the care with which Nina Throsby's team at Shorehouse have placed those wines, refining the list in the process. It's tough at the top in the Western Australian restaurant market but Shorehouse's creativity and freshness in delivering a list that places the West first on the list, yet fixes it clearly in a world context, which enables it to stand apart. It engages with the diner offering a list which appears personal and hand-picked. Special features abound, adding to rather than detracting from the experience.

Best Wine List Victoria

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Best Wine List Victoria pic
Gimlet at Cavendish House, Melbourne drink-glass

Best Wine List Victoria 2023

  • Cuisine: European flavours and traditions
  • Sommelier: Anthony Pieri
  • Number of Wines: 534
  • Wines by the Glass: 36
  • Wine Price by the Glass: $
Gimlet boasts a sophisticated European-style setting and cuisine. The wine list follows suit starting with a selection of cocktails that range from a novel hazelnut martini through to grand celebratory drinks such as the $120 Lotus Club Sazerac. A drink at the bar off the bar list offers the perfect introduction to the 500+ wine list that follows. Australian producers go toe to toe with the Europeans as the list delves into new style skin contact and oxidative whites and low intervention reds among a wide range of tastes. Wines by the glass is divided into wines of provenance against a more general and eclectic wine listing. This philosophy rings true throughout. A sweet wine or a fortified by the glass offers the perfect ending to

Best Wine List Tasmania

Best Wine List Tasmania pic
Peppina, Hobart drink-glass

Best Wine List Tasmania 2023

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Sommelier: Michael Fisher, Vicki Brewer
  • Number of Wines: 279
  • Wines by the Glass: 23
  • Wine Price by the Glass: $
One of Tasmania's finest lists, Peppina's split focus between Tasmania and Italy delivers a wonderful sense of identity, with a smorgasbord of Barolo and a feast of Tamar Pinot included for the ultimate diversity. Extremely strong by the glass (with carafe and the offer of half glasses. Great!) with a huge swathe of pricepoints covered, this versatile selection is incredibly impressive.

Best Wine List South Australia

Best Wine List South Australia pic
Restaurant Botanic, Adelaide drink-glass

Best Wine List South Australia 2023

  • Cuisine: Australian
  • Sommelier: Elle Foster, Alma Pasalic
  • Number of Wines: 198
  • Wines by the Glass: 25
  • Wine Price by the Glass: $
This in an exemplary winelist perfectly pitched to the Botanic's freshly foraged food. The wine pairings show Elle Foster's vinous talents - and her non-alcoholic sensibilities. South Australian wines from the core with the rest of of Australia succinctly covered. The Champagne list is outstanding with Burgundy treated with due respect. A tight selection from across the wide world of wine completes this enticing winelist. A masterpiece achieved in less than 200 wines.

Best Wine List Queensland

Best Wine List Queensland pic
Agnes, Fortitude Valley drink-glass

Best Wine List Queensland 2023

  • Cuisine: Wood Fired Modern Australian
  • Sommelier: Lilly Heenan, Rani Parish & Luke Willis
  • Number of Wines: 412
  • Wines by the Glass: 31
  • Wine Price by the Glass: $
A benchmark wine list that should be the envy of sommeliers and wine selectors nationally. Stupendous in its breadth, succinct enough without being a weighty tome, but delivering a who's who of wine producers, wine styles and vintages that will delight everyone from wine geek to aspirational drinker. It shows off some of the world's most sought after cult producers while presenting the familiar, a place where Cotat and Ganevat can rub shoulders with Grosset and Tyrrell's. Burgundy, Jura, Champagne and Piedmont are brilliant collections, while a feature page of near 20 Ganevat cuvees is ridiculously special. Mature wines, fancy wines and prestigious local wineries abound. It's a list to repeat offend in, heavily. Bravo.

Best Wine List New South Wales

Best Wine List New South Wales pic
Cirrus, Barangaroo drink-glass

Best Wine List New South Wales 2023

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Sommelier: Polly Mackarel, Nick Hildebrandt
  • Number of Wines: 1200
  • Wines by the Glass: 50
  • Wine Price by the Glass: $
The late, great Tina Turner once belted out ‘you’re simply the best’ for the rugby league all those years ago yet it could be an anthem for Cirrus. This is a spectacular, innovative and thrilling list showcasing 1200 special bottles with 50 by the glass. Plenty of joy and difference on each page – and who else could offer an extensive mix of French chenin blanc or 17 aligoté with each desirable and perfect for this top seafood restaurant. Bravo.

Best Wine List ACT

Best Wine List ACT pic
Italian and Sons, Braddon drink-glass

Best Wine List ACT 2023

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Sommelier: Pasquale Trimboli
  • Number of Wines: 250
  • Wines by the Glass: 15
  • Wine Price by the Glass: $
Top notch list, a destination anywhere in New South Wales for Italian fare and a flair for diversity of the offering. It gives drinkers a strong Italianate feel for where imported wine is at in Australia, but despite the theme a good offering from local Canberra producers and other recognised fare. That being said, guests should lean into the Italian theme of the list, with outstanding, boutique producers from that place a significant feature, many of which are represented in a bandwidth of judicious maturity for ultimate drinking. Foradori, COS and Olek Bondonio are irresistible, but there's stalwarts in the mix like G.D.Vajra, Produttori dei Barbaresco and Ornellaia to entice the uninitiated. A run of Antinori Tignanello is impressive, so to a deep listing of Clonakilla, a delight at every turn. This is such a wonderful list to pore over, with a strong theme and vigorous and righteous Italian accent on hand. Clever stuff, done so well.

Best Wine Lists Venue Type Winners 2023

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  • Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Pub Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Club Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Wine Bar Wine List

Best Wine Lists Category Winners 2023

  • Best City Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Country Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Pub Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Club Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Wine Bar Wine List

Hall of Fame 2023

The Hall of Fame is a prestigious list of establishments who have achieved leading status either by winning the Main Award or the same State/Territory or Category award three times. Each year, new successful establishments are added to Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards Hall of Fame. To maintain a current listing however, they must enter and maintain their glass rating each year, which is no easy feat!

Glass Ratings 2023

The key objective of the awards is to recognise and reward exceptional sommeliers, their wine lists an the owners who have invested in them. Each entering venue is awarded 3, 2, or 1 glasses based on their wine list submission. Judges submit their scores based on the guiding principles of appraisal. AWLOTYA allocates glasses with the utmost integrity, albeit in acknowledgement that all reviews are subjective.

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