Best Wine Lists State or Territory 2021

The top wine lists in each State / Territory are Cirrus (NSW), Ten Minutes by Tractor (VIC), Fico (TAS), The Boat House (ACT), Hardy’s Verandah (SA), Settlers Tavern (WA) and Otto, Brisbane (QLD).


Il Lido - Cottesloe WA

Best Wine Lists State or Territory 2021

Best Wine List WA

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Best Wine List WA pic
Settlers Tavern, Margaret River drink-glass

Best Wine List WA 2021

  • Cuisine: Local Modern Australian
  • Sommelier: Karen Gough
  • Number of Wines: 600+
  • Wines by the Glass: 27
  • Wine Price: $$
Settlers list has become legendary. It's a must-visit place to eat and drink for a wine lover visiting Margaret River. Settlers showcases the local wines, especially the newest and best, within a context of the world of wine. Lillian, La Kooki and Swinney sit alongside William Downie, Wendouree and Yarra Yering; or Cuilleron, Pio Cesare, and Williams Selyem. The list itself is wonderfully chaotic, crammed with information and (informed) opinion, offering great bottles at prices even winewriters can afford.

Best Wine List VIC

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Best Wine List VIC pic
Ten Minutes by Tractor, Main Ridge drink-glass

Best Wine List VIC 2021

  • Cuisine: Modern Australia
  • Sommelier: Xavier Vigier
  • Number of Wines: 1021
  • Wines by the Glass: 65
  • Wine Price: $$$
A love letter to wine if ever there was one, this list takes absolute joy in the people, the regions and the ever-changing moods of wine whether it be on the Mornington Peninsula, the rest of the country or the world. You see it in each wine listing which includes the name of the winemaker, in the photos sprinkled throughout, the memories shared; lovely personal touches all. At its core, this is essentially an outlet for the vineyard's own wines. But, as the introduction says, they are placed into context by what follows. Many will be happy to explore the wines by the glass but should you look further, the selections from France and Italy excel.

Best Wine List TAS

Best Wine List TAS pic
Fico, Hobart drink-glass

Best Wine List TAS 2021

  • Cuisine: Modern Italian
  • Sommelier: Ben Devereux
  • Number of Wines: 310
  • Wines by the Glass: 20
  • Wine Price: $$
This is a great Tasmanian list balancing a cutting-edge exploration of the best of local wines with an exciting journey through the international scene, especially that of Italy and France. Headings which focus on texture are helpful, the wine choices are exemplary. The list by the glass or half bottle is thoughtful and thought-provoking. We expect that as customers order, they'll be thinking about what they'll have next time.

Best Wine List SA

Best Wine List SA pic
Hardy's Verandah, Crafers drink-glass

Best Wine List SA 2021

  • Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • Sommelier: Liinaa Berry, Riccardo Borri, Eliott Boucard
  • Number of Wines: 950
  • Wines by the Glass: 35
  • Wine Price: $$$
This is a tour de force: a stupendous list that continues to improve each year. Winner of Best SA List, Best Listing of SA Wines and placed for Best Hotel list. Stunning and thoughtful wines by the glass, comprehensive coverage of the local region, and formidable exploration of the world of wine overseas with features on the Loire, Italy, the Rhone and excellent Champagne coverage.

Best Wine List QLD

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Best Wine List QLD pic
Otto Brisbane, South Brisbane drink-glass

Best Wine List QLD 2021

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Sommelier: Alan Hunter
  • Number of Wines: 410
  • Wines by the Glass: 30
  • Wine Price: $$$
Alan Hunter has long been one of Brisbane’s most accomplished sommeliers and it shows in this exceptional list with its strong Italian influence. There is more than enough support from locals, Kiwis and the French and the pricing comes as a surprise. A good surprise. Excellent spirits. Love a list which makes one want to race out the door and try wine after wine. What more can a list do?

Best Wine List NSW

Best Wine List NSW pic
Cirrus, Barangaroo drink-glass

Best Wine List NSW 2021

  • Cuisine: Australian
  • Sommelier: Nick Hildebrandt, Polly Mackarel
  • Number of Wines: 1000
  • Wines by the Glass: 40
  • Wine Price: $$$
Cirrus is one of Sydney's premier restaurants, and with Nick Hildebrandt behind the list, the wine is guaranteed to be outstanding. The list has grown in size, with 1000 wines now listed. It offers the sophisticated diner all they could wish for: stylish cocktails, classy non-alcoholic options, hand-picked beers, ciders, spirits and sake, plus an impossibly perfect wine list to satisfy all your vinous desires. The highlights are many, but one must mention the fabulous listing by-the-glass, the original selection of sparklings and Champagne, the astute global riesling set, the French chenins and local Hunter semillon. And then there's the stunning white and red Burgundies, aged Bordeaux and tailored local wine offering, including many rare wines. Of course, one could keep gushing over the glorious details, though what sets this list apart is its confidence, curation, and comprehensive nature. Hildebrandt is a leader in his field - constantly learning and refining to reach perfection.

Best Wine List ACT

Best Wine List ACT pic
Boat House (The), Barton drink-glass

Best Wine List ACT 2021

  • Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • Sommelier: Kate Hibberson
  • Number of Wines: 196
  • Wines by the Glass: 18
  • Wine Price: $$
Although the focus here is on wines from Canberra, and there is a brilliant array of them to satisfy most requirements, the list is peppered with a very extensive number of excellent wines from the rest of Australia and abroad. If you can take your eyes off the view, spend a bit of time to pick out a wine gem, and with a good range of them at accessible prices.

Best Wine Lists Venue Type Winners 2021

  • Best City Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Country Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Pub Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Club Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Wine Bar Wine List

Best Wine Lists Category Winners 2021

  • Best City Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Country Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Pub Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Club Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Wine Bar Wine List

Hall of Fame 2021

The Hall of Fame is a prestigious list of establishments who have achieved leading status either by winning the Main Award or the same State/Territory or Category award three times. Each year, new successful establishments are added to Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards Hall of Fame. To maintain a current listing however, they must enter and maintain their glass rating each year, which is no easy feat!

Glass Ratings 2021

The key objective of the awards is to recognise and reward exceptional sommeliers, their wine lists an the owners who have invested in them. Each entering venue is awarded 3, 2, or 1 glasses based on their wine list submission. Judges submit their scores based on the guiding principles of appraisal. AWLOTYA allocates glasses with the utmost integrity, albeit in acknowledgement that all reviews are subjective.

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