Best Wine Lists State or Territory 2019

The top wine lists in each State / Territory are Est (NSW), Cutler & Co (VIC), Terrace Launceston (TAS), Mezzalira (ACT), The Barn Steakhouse (SA), Settlers Tavern (WA), Otto, Brisbane (QLD) and The Stone House (NT).


Balla - Pyrmont NSW

Best Wine Lists State or Territory 2019

Best Wine List NT

Best Wine List NT pic
Stone House, Darwin drink-glass

Best Wine List NT 2019

  • Cuisine: Grazing
  • Sommelier: Rebecca Bullen
  • Number of Wines: 350
  • Wines by the Glass: 30
  • Wine Price: $$
Rebecca Bullen's selection is bursting with character and wine enthusiasm. Established in 2016, the cellar has developed extensive vintage depth and breadth. It’s the sort of list that inspires a visit, right off the page. A good balance of traditional and boutique producers line the Stone House pages, offering Darwin the best of both new and old worlds. An exclusive list of Corsican wine imported directly by the team offers something special. There is plenty of fun to be had here, especially given the (more than) reasonable prices and a takeaway licence.

Best Wine List WA

Best Wine List WA pic
Settlers Tavern, Margaret River drink-glass

Best Wine List WA 2019

  • Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • Sommelier: -
  • Number of Wines: 600
  • Wines by the Glass: 25
  • Wine Price: $
This superstar list continues at pace. A remarkable offering for a regional pub, let alone a restaurant anywhere in Australia. Proprietors Karen and Rob Gough are dedicated to not only supporting their local wine region, Margaret River, but unearthing and fostering new talent, discovering and promoting under-the-radar producers and broadening horizons of patrons. There's mature wines from the bulging Settlers Tavern cellar regularly updating the list, and, of course, gems from Western Australia feature heavily here. The Gough's have long supported the fine wines under the banner of natural wine, so you'll find rarities from Savoie's Domaine Belluard, southern German pinot star Ziereisen or Jura rising star Tony Bornard. Of course, 'You Have Now Entered Margaret River Cab Country' gives way to a triumphant, and carefully-curated collection of the finest of local reds. Some 600 wines later and you've seen one of the most legendary living lists in the country.

Best Wine List VIC

Best Wine List VIC pic
Cutler & Co, Fitzroy drink-glass

Best Wine List VIC 2019

  • Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • Sommelier: Liam O'Brien
  • Number of Wines: 640
  • Wines by the Glass: 29
  • Wine Price: $$$
An outstanding wine list informs and inspires, showcasing new and exciting producers. Though at the same time, it needs to make the diner feel comfortable and confident. Cutler and Co. does all this and more. It is a thrilling list, with original yet considered listings. The wine-by-the-glass list is exceptional, offering wines which vary in style, age and price. Careful management is evident, including with the selection of vintages. It is a list that provides something for everyone: a top range of local and interstate wines, a robust international selection, a wide range of prices and a great selection of signature cocktails, including many with low or no alcohol.

Best Wine List TAS

Best Wine List TAS pic
Terrace Launceston, Prospect Vale drink-glass

Best Wine List TAS 2019

  • Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • Sommelier: Robyn McInerney, Trent Edmunds, Ross Hannah
  • Number of Wines: 260
  • Wines by the Glass: 13
  • Wine Price: $
The list does great justice to the great array of fine wine emerging from Tasmania, with halcyon producers set alongside those that have brought fame to the Apple Isle. It's great to see such focus on the local wine scene, with by the glass, a neat little staff pick section, back vintage wines and emerging winemakers all celebrated and listed extensively. A feature page on Stefano Lubiana Single Block wines is a tempting highlight, though you'll be leafing through names like Holyman, Pooley, Sailor Seeks Horse and the premium sparkling wines of Tassie with equal lust and vigour. If Tasmania isn't your quarry, there's grower Champagne, big name wines from Torbreck, Mount Mary and Moos Wood, with a Penfold's Grange collection of substance likewise found within these pages. Bordeaux is also a feature, with well-priced grand marques and back vintages available. The dessert list is also a clincher. Decidedly, one of northern Tasmania's best shaped lists.

Best Wine List SA

Best Wine List SA pic
Barn Steakhouse (The), Mount Gambier drink-glass

Best Wine List SA 2019

  • Cuisine: Steak
  • Sommelier: Kent Comley
  • Number of Wines: 718
  • Wines by the Glass: 23
  • Wine Price: $$$
What a treat for the people of Mt. Gambier and for those fortunate enough to stop over for a night or two and enjoy the many, many vinous charms of The Barn. The list is a personal expression on behalf of the owner/sommelier and celebrates the local wines of nearby regions including Coonawarra, Mt. Gambier and the Limestone Coast while also having the bigger picture in mind.

Best Wine List QLD

Best Wine List QLD pic
Otto Brisbane, Brisbane drink-glass

Best Wine List QLD 2019

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Sommelier: Alan Hunter
  • Number of Wines: 280
  • Wines by the Glass: 40
  • Wine Price: $$$
The smart curation of this list shows dedicated vision highlighting organic and biodynamic vineyard practices. Wines are built around an Italianate core with compelling expressions from Australia, France and New Zealand. Premium pours from COS, Radikon, Foradori and Occhipinti are what dreams are made of.

Best Wine List NSW

SPONSORED BY Pepper Tree Wines
Best Wine List NSW pic
est, Sydney drink-glass

Best Wine List NSW 2019

  • Cuisine: Contemporary Australian
  • Sommelier: Bhatia Dheeraj
  • Number of Wines: 1526
  • Wines by the Glass: 46
  • Wine Price: $$$
A mouth-watering and complete wine list with something for everyone, from the expert to the enthusiast. From a diverse and enticing wine by the glass list through to extensive vintage offerings of some of the absolute classic wines from both Australia and overseas. Virtually every country and wine style is represented so if you are curious to try something different, here is your opportunity.

Best Wine List ACT

SPONSORED BY McWilliams Wines
Best Wine List ACT pic
Mezzalira, Canberra City drink-glass

Best Wine List ACT 2019

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Sommelier: Pasquale Trimboli
  • Number of Wines: 350
  • Wines by the Glass: 21
  • Wine Price: $$
If diners see a resemblance between the wine lists of Italian & Sons and Mezzalirra that's because they are siblings. The love of Italian wines is strong , the selection is diverse and includes organic, biodynamic producers and popular new edgey styles such as skin contact orange/amber wines. Let the list's notations, courtesy of sommelier Pasquale Trimboli, be your guide. The Italians are backed up by Australian wines including those employing Italian grape varieties which will undoubtedly lead to some interesting comparisons. This list is not only fun but educational!

Best Wine Lists Venue Type Winners 2019

  • Best City Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Country Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Pub Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Club Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Wine Bar Wine List

Best Wine Lists Category Winners 2019

  • Best City Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Country Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Hotel Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Pub Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Club Restaurant Wine List
  • Best Wine Bar Wine List

Hall of Fame 2019

The Hall of Fame is a prestigious list of establishments who have achieved leading status either by winning the Main Award or the same State/Territory or Category award three times. Each year, new successful establishments are added to Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards Hall of Fame. To maintain a current listing however, they must enter and maintain their glass rating each year, which is no easy feat!

Glass Ratings 2019

The key objective of the awards is to recognise and reward exceptional sommeliers, their wine lists an the owners who have invested in them. Each entering venue is awarded 3, 2, or 1 glasses based on their wine list submission. Judges submit their scores based on the guiding principles of appraisal. AWLOTYA allocates glasses with the utmost integrity, albeit in acknowledgement that all reviews are subjective.

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